Track with us using TRT

Easily track the time of your task….

Our focus is exclusively on the development of “Tracking, Report, and Notification” Apps for personal and individual business use, to improve live through mobile devices.

This is a chore App or task tracker app with the capability to assign Tokens (rewards) to each task. The Primary User (eg parent) can add tasks (chores) and rewards for Others (eg kids). The individual tasks can have different values. Chores can be assigned and tracked for the whole family. The total value of tasks completed are accumulated and can be paid at any time. A balance is always kept and Tokens can be given a value, eg one token equals 10 cents.

The app is designed for creating tasks either for yourself or others. All tasks and users are synchronized, but everything is controlled and managed by the Primary User. If you assign tasks or chores for yourself, you will get reminders by email, app system notifications or SMS messages.

It is easy to set up repetitive tasks which can be assigned to another user. Tasks can be assigned daily or for a specific day of the week. The Primary User can set up tasks for an unlimited number of Other Users, were Other Users will only see tasks assigned to them.

After completing a task, the parent automatically receives a notification and can see when each task was entered as completed. The Primary User can reject any task at any time.