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ePOS Electronic Cash

Benefits to You

Provides all the same benefits that are driving usage of electronic cash registers and supermarket scanners in the USA and around the world:

SST Capabilities are Designed for your Business

You will be able to handle products with or without Bar codes. Products with Bar codes can be quickly scanned using your phone. After scanning the app show a running total of each item and the price.

It even keeps track of taxes and will give you a total for all products purchased.

Capabilities Include:

Bar Codes

Anyone can purchase a bar code that is theirs to assign to their product that will be unique.

Bar codes are purchased from an International central database and can only be used once (one product, one Bar code). There is no central database that tracks all bar codes sold worldwide, eg Bar Code to Product name or price.

The Merchant can add a product with or without Bar codes. Merchants can assign any Name and any Price to a product.

How To Get SST Now

Go to: Google Play

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