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Do it all with PEM

Evaluate your member or employees quickly and easily record so you can keep track and document their performance faster—all from Performance Evaluation Manager

XpTracker is an Expense tracking app for anyone who makes many purchase throughout the week and can not seem to remember where all their money went.

This app allows managers and users to quickly and easily evaluate Employees often between formal evaluation periods. It is intended to work concurrently with current company performance evaluation systems and procedures. Usually, formal reviews have long gaps, which makes it hard to track performance (good or bad). PEM allow for quick capture of performance records between formal reviews. With the ability to keep notes. Also, multiple categories can be weighted so quantitative results can be compared.

Not only employees can be tracked, but maybe even more importantly, you can track and document your own performance or create a self evaluation on a regular and timely basis between formal evaluations. You can track how well you are doing against your own personal goals and objectives.

PEM was designed for managers and supervisors, you want to quickly and easily record evaluations on a regular basis. The evaluations (ratings and Notes) get recorded and summed. After any period of time, eg a year, you can see the average of your ratings that makes it easy to quantify and write a formal review. You will have documented the year, and will feel confident your rating and reviews are accurate, fair and complete.