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Medicine Schedule Tracker

Easily track the time your medicines are taken. When your medicines change over time or the dosage, you will have a historical record when you need to provide it to others, eg your primary physician.

Download the Medicine Schedule tracker app for FREE on any Android and iPhone device.

No restrictions on the amount of medications tracked.

  1. Record the time medicines are taken.
  2. Reporting is on a summary page, to allow the user to select a range of dates to see the history (time and quantities) that medicines are taken.
  3. A Calendar page is used to display historical data, and future schedules.
  4. Add-Edit page to make changes to schedules that have been entered.
  5. Setup pages.
    1. Reminder notifications
    2. Start of the work week can be configured for the calendar, and
    3. Setup Schedules.

Medicine Scheduler and Tracker, has many important features, such as local backup, and a calendar to show what was taken and what is scheduled to be taken.

There is not restriction on the quantity of Meds that can be tracked. User can choose from several methods to set up schedules for taking multiple doses for a Medication. For example: 1. every so many hours, 2. number of times between start and end times, or 3. at one of 4 times of the day, eg breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime. Setting up your Medicine schedule is easy and fast.

A summary page shows your actual time verses your schedule times, for the current day and previous day and your schedule for the next day. You can even see what Medications you have taken and the quantities, for the different time intervals, eg current week, current month, current year, etc.

The best feature of Medicine Scheduler and Tracker, MST is its calendar. The calendar shows both past, current and future medicine schedules. The calendar is integrated with a log record. The log record will show each and every Medicine you have taken by the date. You can sequence back to see records from previous months.

In SETUP, you can turn off or on reminder notifications, change Header colors, or setup other users to track. The Medicine Tracker can be used to track meds for you pets, children or other family members.

Medicine Tracker, can be setup for multiple user or to track multiple categories, eg Prescriptions, non Prescriptions, Vitamins, or supplements, etc.