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Task and Reward Tracker

Easily track the time of your task. Our focus is exclusively on the development of "Tracking, Report, and Notification" Apps for personal and individual business use, to improve live through mobile devices.


Tipsee Elite

TipSee is the number one app used by Servers, Bartenders and others in the service industry to keep track of their tips. TipSee elite is our newest Tip Tracking app designed to be easy to learn, easy to use and completely free. Users can easily upgrade to TipSee, if more advanced features are needed.



TipSee is the number one app used by Servers, Bartenders and others in the service industry to keep track of their tips. Download the app for FREE! TipSee is the most used and most advance TipTracker available, because it save you time and money. Helps you know your best days of the week and with all the features you will ever want or use.

Client Logger

Allows a user to quickly, securely and reliably sign in to a business or event. Allows a Restaurant to accept reservations, and notify Customer using SMS notification when their reservation is available. Records and log customer information, include date and times.

Entry Logger

Entry Logger - This app converts basic user information into a QR Code eg name, phone number, email address.

Medicine Sched Tracker

Easily track the time your medicines are taken. When your medicines change over time or the dosage, you will have a historical record when you need to provide it to others, eg your primary physician. With voice announcement and there are not limits to the amount of reminders to medicine you can track.

Zipcode Vitals

An easy to use App to track your Vitals, such as Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate or anything else. Vitals can be tracked weekly, daily or even hourly. Alarms can be set as reminders and results are recorded and graphed. The App has the capability to anonymously record temperatures by Zip Code. NOTE: Many illnesses do NOT show symptoms of high temperatures.

Performance Evaluation Manager

This is a unique App to quickly evaluate and track the performance of your members to your internal guidelines before formal quarterly or annual or semi annual reviews. Formal reviews are burdensome, time consuming and as a result are avoided. PEM is easy and simple to use and therefore can be used weekly, which are consolidated to help simplify formal reviews.

Expense Tracker

XpTracker was designed for quick and simple record keeping of your Cash expenses, and has many professional features only found on expensive apps, like auto backup, and exporting to excel or other financial packages.


Work and Shift Schedular

Keep track of your work hours. Users can Sign-In and Sign-Out in the app and create a record of their working hours. WSS, allows the user to set up a work schedules for multiple Jobs or Shifts and then records actual working hours. Actual working hours can be compared to scheduled working hours.

Our Services


WCA provides 24x7 internet support. When possible use in-app “Help and Feedback” in the app Menu. It includes info such as, your app version and OS to allow us better assist users.

Custom Feature Dev

We encourage users to give feedback to improve the app, or to add new capabilities

Custom App Dev

If you are interest in high quality app development services contact WCA at: us@webcoastapps.com, with a full description of your project, time frame, budget and any other relevant information


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Our focus is exclusively on the development of “Tracking, reporting, and notification” Apps for personal and individual business use, to improve lives through mobile devices.

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