Zipcode Vitals Press Release

Innovative Technology Allows Users to Track Their Temperature and view Temperatures in their community.

Track your temperature and vitals, and view temperature trends around your community with this Free app!

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, May 4, 2020 / — Web Coast Apps (WCA) is announcing a new innovative App; Zipcode Vitals. ZipCode Vitals is an easy to use mobile app, designed to communicate with a remote Server to track temperature readings from anonymous users. Even though there’s an effort to get Covid19 testing for everyone, it’s estimated it will take a long time to test even just one(1) percent of our population. The cheapest and most prevalent test available NOW is temperature. It’s expected temperature will be the most widely used test, (not just this year, but for many years to come). ZipCode Vitals is not for tracking Covid19 specifically but can be used to see what’s happening in terms of temperature, all year throughout the country.

The app is unique because it stores data from individuals (whose identities are anonymous) into a central database (remote server) to identify trends throughout the country and within individual neighborhoods. ZipCode Vitals was designed to track individual temperatures in a family anonymously while gathering general (not user-specific) data. This temperature data can be used to determine what is happening in the country, and your neighborhood. The user does not have to do anything special, for the app to collect data nationally, or even worldwide. The user only enters their own temperature readings, while the app does the rest. ZipCode Vitals does NOT track temperature (or other vitals) by user accounts, but rather, aggregates the information to get a snapshot of what is going on by geographic area, eg country, zip code, state, etc.

ZipCode Vitals does not need to use any specific device to gather information. Any thermometer can be used to take temperature readings. These readings will be stored locally on a user’s local phone/tablet, this information is backed up to a server, where it will be accumulated by zip code. If you are registered and entering info daily, you’ll be allowed to access the aggregated information in your neighborhood or elsewhere throughout the country.

ZipCode Vitals is a helpful tool to schedule users to take and record their temperature.
ZipCode Vitals is a mobile app that runs on both Android and iOS phones, which notifies users when it is time to take a temperature reading and records the results.

ZipCode Vitals allows users to input their temperature throughout the day (even hourly) into the app. Users can see the first sign of elevated temperature and can continue to monitor their temperature using any thermometer type, from glass thermometers to digital forehead or infrared devices. ZipCode Vitals is designed to monitor other vitals but is focused on temperature readings because of the specific characteristics of Covid 19, which is subject to high temperatures and coughing. Some other apps are used to enter a temperature, but ZipCode Vitals is designed to allow schedules to be set up throughout the day, even hourly or more often. The results are graphed for easy viewing and sent to a central server to be tracked by zip code or state. These results are summarized and can be viewed daily to see trends in your geographic area.

How can you help?
If you want to help, WCA is looking for partners to help promote and use the app.
As the number of users who contribute their data to the central server increases, the information becomes more useful.

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