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  Frequently Asked Questions For:
  TipSee for Android OS    
  1.  What can I do to keep my information safe from prying eyes?
First, we highly recommend you use one of the many available apps, like AppLock, since this is all they do, they put a lot of time and effort into making it right, and have more than 30 Million users.
Second,several articles about ways you can can keep information on your phone or tablet more secure, such as 7-ways-stop-nsa-spying.
  2.  When entering my "hours worked" I am able to use a decimal. If I use a number like 3.50 hours does the system interpret that as 3 hours and 50 minutes or does it interpret it as 3 hours and 30 minutes?
We are using decimal system, which means that 3.5 hrs means 3 hours and 30 minutes (3:30).  
On the home page you can add multiple tips, so if you worked 2 shifts on the same day and entered 3.5 hrs twice, it would total to 7 hours.
  3.  If I stack tips from multiple shifts in a day from the home page, do they total themselves?
Yes, you can enter multiple tips from the HOME page and they get added together within the same day.  The total of all tips entered in a single day is what gets displayed on the Calendar page and the Edit page.  If the total for the day is wrong you can change it on the Edit page.
  4.  I am afraid the IRS will use my info to audit me.
We just want to make a tool to make things easier, so we cant be upset if you want to do things the hard way. Just keep in mind:

1.  There have been no reports of IRS illegally accessing cell phone apps
2.  Some taxes are calculated as % of Sales, not tips
3.  Some employers over report your income from wages and tips

While some users are concerned about privacy, many other users have asked us to create a widget so they can proudly display their tips for the week, month and year for anyone to see.
  5.  TipSee PRO is showing two totals when I put in my tips. Can you tell me what the totals are?
On the Calendar page the top number represents the total tips you entered for the day and the tips/hr based on how many hours you entered. The second number is Tips plus Wages.
Your wages are calculated based on the information you entered for your job in “Wage and Job Setup”. For example if you entered $5 as your Hourly Wage, and you worked 5 hours that day, then $25 would be added to your tips.
  6. Do you have a feature that will break up the month to bi weekly pay, for people that receive there tips on a paycheck. Yes, in our PRO version, under “Optional Items to Track”, you can change the text for “Paid by Credit Card” to Wages. This information would be added to the Tips for those days you enter tip information, eg on each pay day. Another words, your paycheck can be entered bi weekly, either as a whole or broken out separately for tips and wages.
Also, in the PRO version you can set it up to add your wages to your tips by entering your hourly rate under "Wage and Job Setup".
  7.  Can I take my info from the free version to the pro version and will it move to a different phone if I get a new one.
We highly recommend you do a manual backup by sending a backup file to yourself.  Also you should send yourself a backup file once a week or so, in case your phone gets lost, stolen or fails.  If you are installing the Pro version on the same device, then you only need to import the most recent backup, (either the autobackup, or the manual back which is saved locally as well).  If you don’t see any data after importing, try loading the next most recent backup.  The date of the backup is in the backup file name.

Since google keeps track of the apps you purchase you can download the paid version to multiple devices, but they do not sync up with each other.  When you change devices, you will need to get the backup you emailed to yourself, to your new device.  You can do that by transferring files using a usb connection, or using your phone to access your email account with the attached backup file, etc. 

You must transfer the backup file to the correct tipsee folder on your device.  These folders are created when you start using TipSee PRO on your new phone.  You should enter at least one tip and export this file to yourself.  Also, exit the app once or twice so it will do an automatic backup. Now you should be able to locate the folder locations using a “file manager” application.   You can go to our website (tipsee) to get the folder location for backups:   Once you place the backup into the correct folder location, you can use the “import” feature again to load it into TipSee Pro.
  8.  Is there a way to view totals by the week? There are 4 summary blocks that display the tips for the day, week, month and year-to date. If you tap on the title bar for each block, a pop up will appear. The popups for week will display the amount for each week. For the Month, the popup will display the amount next to each month. To view this information in the summary box, select any particular week, month or year from the table. The bottom of each of the summary blocks displays the total wages and total hours for the period selected.  
  9. ...   I've recently gotten a promotion and with that a raise, but I can't change my hourly wage within the same job without it changing the previous entries. I would love to see this integrated if possible :D   Again, thank you for an amazing app!
So that previous records do not get distorted, we suggest you select your Job1, which will allow you to choose Edit.
Now enter an End Date which is the last day before your raise, and save the changes.
Then Select + to add a new Job 1.  The Start day will be the day your raise starts.  You can then enter the new Hourly Wage.   You can also change the Color Code so you know which day you started with the new higher wage and save your changes.
  10.  How do I put in for overtime (I get time and a half) in the PRO version?
First, under OPTIONS select: Optional Items to Track.  Change the field that displays: Paid By Credit Card to "Overtime Pay" (assuming you are not using this field if so, then use the field “Tips From Other Department”).
Again, lets assume you worked 10 hours of which 2 hours was at time and half.
You would enter 10 hours.
Then on the Edit page, you would enter the Overtime pay only, in the field “Overtime Pay”. 
So for example, if your wages are $6/hr, and you worked 2 hours overtime, the overtime pay would be $3(50% extra) times 2 hours or $6 total.
  11.  Can I setup two Jobs each with two shifts, eg Lunch and Dinner shifts? Yes. 
Although TipSee Pro was designed for either 2 Jobs or 2 Shifts, there is a solution to use both, but with some limitations.
Set TipSee Pro to Jobs
Go to “Optional Items To Track”
Change “Cash” to Lunch Shift
Check the box for “Tips From CC” and change the text to “Dinner Shift”
Set the Start page to “Edit”  (will open the app to the Edit page)
Although the Summary View page only displays tips separately for each job, if you select Tip_Report/Advance_Search, the tips for Lunch and Dinner are tracked separately.  Please note hours are not tracked separately, but is the combined total of both shifts for each job.
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