Web Coast Design is a company organized to develop software applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with a unique mission. Our company focuses only on mobile development of tracking, logging and reporting applications for personal and individual business use.

The mobile apps we intend to develop have a low learning curve; some of them are exciting while others are extremely helpful. Each one of our apps are developed for a broad population of users.

Two trends are becoming clear:

  1. Self-contained Mobile Apps are replacing desktops style file systems
  2. In-App marketing is replacing external advertising

We are quick to develop high quality mobile apps by creating specialized mobile apps around a common design for any application that tracks information over an extended period of time, eg months and years.

Each app is designed to store data over many months and years. This data can be used to forecast and predict future results, eg babies weight and height, or savings, or expenses. It’s useful and valuable to predict, based on past results, future results, if there are no changes in behavior or habits.

Our approach to business can be summed up by a simple philosophy:  To develop interesting mobile apps that end users will appreciate as being useful, valuable, and helpful. We create quality, while at the same time focusing on a particular and proven formula for creating apps based on personal or individual business information over an extended period of time.

Although these Mobile apps seem unrelated, they are all based on our core technology and except for the first one, were done rapidly, but with high quality.

Strength of using a Structured Approach

  • Reduces Learning time
  • Comfort of home (familiarity)

Our commitment is to develop apps that elicit an “I love this App” factor from our end users. This means developing cutting edge apps that take full advantage of mobile technology.

Innovation and end-user appeal are very important to our success. Our mobile app  catalog is expanding quickly.

Our first product has been TipSee, a mobile tip tracking app. Downloads are approaching 500,000 units.

  • Android – has received 4.4 star rating
  • iOS – 4.4 star rating

We will create dozens of high quality apps based on our formula for success.

If you interested to partner or invest please contact us.