XP Expense Tracker

XP Tracker Mobile Expense Tracker

XpTracker was designed for quick and simple record keeping of your expenses, but has many professional features only found on expensive apps, like auto backup, and exporting to excel or other financial packages. Forgot to enter a days expenses? Not a problem, just pick the day on the calendar and enter the expense amount. XpTracker allows you to keep notes for each expense entered; “Wow, that was a really expensive day!”

If you need details, just select the summary view to look at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly totals. XpTracker even shows you how much money you are spending in each category you create.

XPTracker even lets you track the expenses of two people separate, eg you and your spouse, or you and everyone else in the household.  You can look at the results separately or combine them to look at both as a single total.


The free version is meant to allow users to sample the product without risk.

You can configure XPTracker to remind you to enter your Tips. What good is a tracking program if you forget to enter your expenses, because of your busy schedule. Just go to the Setting page and select “Reminder Notification”.  After you turn it on, you can select the days of the week you want to be reminded. You can even tap on the “Reminder Time:” to choose the time of the day you want to be reminded. It is that simple.

Also, you can upload your favorite photo from time to time as a background image on the HOME page to customize the app to your liking.

With any of the versions you can enter as many expenses per day as necessary, and they will automatically be summed for the day.

XPTracker automatically saves your data every time you open the app and keeps multiple copies. Also, it saves manually, where you can email the saved excel file to yourself. We highly recommend you email yourself once a week in case your phone get lost, stolen or fails.  Backup files can be used to easily import into other devices.

You have questions? Write us using the Feedback form available in the app.