TipSee Pro Features

Download TipSee Pro – Mobile Tip Tracker

For Android Devices Only. iOS Comming Soon!

TipSee Pro is an Ad free version and has all the great features of TipSee Free – Mobile Tip Tracker, with the added capabilities of:
– Calculates Tips plus Wages
– Tracks two separate jobs simultaneously
– Advance search and stats
– Track tips from Credit Cards, or Tips from other dept.
– Track TipOuts to bussers and other employees
– Track Tips by Individual Client
– New more convenient menus
– Select any day as start of work-week
– Tracking Sales Revenue
– Select the page when TipSee first opens
– Regular Feature updates

Advance Search
With Advance search you can see at a glance all your important Stats for the current month, last month, current year, last year, last 7 days, or between any two dates you select. Search results not only shows your tips, but will calculate your max, min or average tips over the period you selected and more. Tip totals and wage totals can be viewed separately, or combined together.

Multiple Jobs
Tips from 2 jobs can be tracked simultaneously. TipSee Pro has the ability to list past, current and future jobs, along with your wages, all color coded on your calendar, for easy visual display along with your tip totals.

Optional Items To Track
Allows you to enter tips from credit cards, other departments, or other employees. These amounts are tracked separately, but also totaled together. This information is entered on the “Edit” page for any date. When information is entered for these optional items, a green dot is placed on the calendar, reminding you that you can check the Edit page to review the details. This feature can be activated on the Options/Optional_Items_To_Track page.

Tip Tracking by Client
With this feature you are able to select from the Options section, whether you want to track your tips as normal, or to record each tip you get associated with a client. You will be able to export this information at anytime. Although you must select one mode or the other, you can easily switch between modes.

Tips plus Wages
The Calendar page displays tips and tips plus wages. Go to Options and select “Wage and Job Setup”. Select the “+” in the upper right corner of the page to add a new Job. You can enter the Hourly wage and a default for the number of hours worked. If zero is entered for Hourly wages, only tips will be displayed on the Calendar page.

We have created a Widget for TipSee. The widget will display your tips for the current week, month and year. You can tap on the TipSee icon to open and enter new tips.

Background Images
If you have two tip producing jobs, you can upload a personal image for each job.

If you like TipSee PRO, than the best way to thank us, is to recommend it to a friend!

You can try TipSee for free at:

TipSee was designed for quick and simple record keeping of your daily tips, but has many professional features like auto backup, and exporting to excel or other financial packages. Forgot to enter a days tip? Not a problem, just select the day on the calendar and enter the tip amount.

If you need details, just select the summary view to look at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly totals. TipSee even shows you which days of the week have been your best days for tips. In TipSee Pro summaries can be viewed for each job separately or combined.

We highly recommend if you purchase the pro version, do it at a time when you can try it out immediately, since google has the following policy:
“After purchasing an app or game on Google Play, you can return it within 15 minutes for a full refund.”

Tip Tracking Features:

Setting up Wages
1. From the pull down menu select “Wage and Job Setup”.

2. Select the “+” in the upper right corner of the page to add a new Job.

3. Enter the following information:

– Name of the Job

– The date you started this job by tapping “Change”, or leaving the current date.

– Enter the “Hourly Wage” amount.

– Enter the “Default Hours” (eg if you usually work an 8 hour shift, enter 8. This will be entered for you automatically when go to enter your tips, but on the Edit page you will be able to change the Hours worked for any specific date.)

– Select a color you would like displayed on the Calendar page for Job1. (You are allowed to track two jobs at the same time. Each Job can be displayed using a different color on the Calendar page.

– Save Changes

4. Select the Tips+Wages radial button to display the total of your Tips+Wages on the Calendar page.

5. Select “save changes” button. Use the pull down menu to go to Calendar page, etc.

The hourly wage amount is set for each job, but applies to all calculations for that Job. If you get a raise for example you can end the Job and create a new Job1 (give it a new name or add a number at the end of the name) with the new wage. Going forward TipSee will calculate using the new job and wage amount.

The hours you work can be entered every time you enter your tips. The default is only used to avoid entering the same amount each day when adding your tips (assuming you work the same amount of hours each time.)
Also, using the pull down menu select “Advanced Search” under OPTIONS to view:
Average Tips/Hr and


for different time periods, eg This Year, Last Year, etc.

Tracking Tips from Credit Cards or Other Departments
From the pull down menu, select “Optional Items To Track”. Select one of the boxes under “Optional Items To Track” on this page, and enter the text that describes the income you want to track.

This field will be added to the Edit page so you can enter this additional information. Instead of entering your tips from the Home page, use Edit from the pull down menu. It will take you to the current date for adding tips on the Edit page, or go to the Calendar View page and select the date you want to enter your tips.

Also, you might consider going to Setup under Settings from the pull down menu.
Then select “Start Page”. You can choose from one of three other pages that will load when you first open the App. eg Edit page, Calendar page, or Tip Summary.

Although the sum of all optional items is added to the tips on the Calendar page, if you go to “Advance Search” under Options on the pull down menu, these amounts will be displayed separately.

Changing the Month on Calendar page
There are 3 ways to change the Month displayed on the Calendar page:
1 Tapping on the grey area at the beginning or at the end of the month.
2. Swipe right or left by starting at the Edge of the page and swiping to the right or left.
3 Use the “Change Date” link button at the top right. A popup will allow you to change the Month or Year.

Start Page
Select “Start Page” under Settings/Setup. You can then Select one of four pages:
Add Today’s Tip
Tip Summary
The next time you open TipSee, it will open to the “Start Page” you select.

Background Image
The background image can be changed for the Add Tips page and the Edit page. Under Settings select Change_Image. The popup will allow you to choose an image for either Job1 or Job2 if you are entering tips for two Jobs. The Change Image button will open your galary. Choose an image to use as your TipSee background image. When your done selecting an image, select the Add Tip button to view your image on the Add Tips page.

Sales Revenue Tracking
Under the pull down menu, select “Optional Items To Track”. Check the box “Total Daily Sales”. When this is selected a new field on the edit page will allow you to enter your sales when you add your tips for the day. Although your sales are not displayed on the calendar page, a green dot will be displayed to indicate optional information has been entered for that day and can be viewed on the edit page. The total for all Sales revenue is available on the Advance Search page. In addition, if you entered a percentage in the setup, that percentage will be used to calculate your estimated taxes, as a percentage of your total sales. We are not licensed in any way to provide tax advice, and do not represent any calculations as being what you should submit to the IRS. Consult the IRS or tax consultant for specific advice.

Tip Tracking By Client
With this feature you are able to select from the Options section, whether you want to track your tips as normal, or to associate each tip you get with a client.

From the pull down menu select “Tip Tracking By Client” to turn this feature ON.
When this feature is turn on, you can enter the clients name associated with your tip. Selecting a cell on the Calendar page will transfer you to a new page that will list all your tips and assoicated clients. From this page you can choose to add new tips, delete or edit existing tips.

When this feature is turned on, the Hours worked on the Edit page represents the Hours associated with each client, not the total hours for the day. Although you must select tracking tips by client or not, you can easily switch back and forth.

To install the widget follow the procedure for your OS, eg select the ICON for choosing Apps to install and select the Widgets tab. Look for the TipSee widget (4×1) and drag it to the window of your choice. The widget displays tip totals for the week, month, and year. Double tapping on the Widget will open TipSee. If you have been using the Tipsee Free widget, you must re-install the Tipsee Widget for Tipsee Pro.

Multiple Jobs
Every page is designed to display Job1, Job2, or the combination of Job1 plus Job2 to see the total of both Jobs.

So for example, after you have set the second job under OPTIONS/Wage and Job Setup, if you are on the Calendar page, you can select the Job icon at the top right and instead of displaying Job1 calendar, it will display the Job2 calendar. If you select it again, it will display the totals of Job1 plus Job2. If you select it one more time, it will sequence back to Job1. This is true for the Summary page, Add Tip page, Edit page and Summary View page.

TipSee saves your information automatically every time you open the app and keeps multiple copies. Also, it saves manually, where you can email the saved excel file to yourself.. We highly recommend you email yourself once a week in case your phone is lost, stolen, or fails. Backup files can be used to easily import into other devices or when you upgrading to another App version. To learn more see TipSee Free.